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Roughly 40% Of Daters Will Only Go Out With Someone Who Is Vaccinated, Study Says


Roughly 40% of U.S. adult daters said they would only go out with someone who is vaccinated, according to a poll released Wednesday from Pew Research Center, as 63% of respondents said the pandemic has made dating harder.

Key Facts

Roughly one-third of respondents said dating was the same during the pandemic as it was before, and 3% said it was easier.

Most respondents, 56%, said someone’s vaccination status does not impact whether they will date them or not, and 2% said they will only date someone who is not vaccinated.

A majority, 59%, of respondents said the pandemic hasn’t had an effect on their interest in getting into a relationship, with 11% saying they are more interested and 10% said it made them less interested, and 20% said it did not apply.

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, only 10% of respondents said the fear of contracting Covid-10 was a major reason why they aren’t in a relationship, with 44% saying they enjoy being single, 42% saying they have bigger priorities right now and 20% saying they are too busy to date.

Pew surveyed 9,388 respondents from February 7 to 13.

Big Number

65.6%. That’s how much of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Key Background

The Pew survey comes as a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 42% of Americans are doing some but not all the activities they were doing before Covid-19, 41% are doing all the activities they were before or never changed their behavior, and 17% are only doing a few activities they did before Covid. Single adults aren’t the only ones to have their love lives affected by the pandemic. After many weddings were forced to be canceled or shrunk down to micro-sizes in 2020, nuptials surged in 2021. A report from Wedding Market Research estimated that there would be nearly 2.5 million weddings in the U.S. in 2022, the most the country has seen since 1984.

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