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Six Numbers That Defined Crypto’s Record Year

In a year crypto’s market cap hit $3 trillion, the SEC approved its first bitcoin ETF and NFT fever pushed digital doodles to million dollar values, crypto is finally going mainstream.

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How To Create A 3-Fund Portfolio

Making sure you set money aside for retirement regularly is hard enough. Add in the fact that investing your hard-earned money may seem complicated, and it’s easy to understand why 43% of millennials have less than $5,000 invested for retirement.
Apr 4, 2022

FINRA Webinar Will Teach New Investors How To Avoid Pitfalls

FINRA will host a free virtual event that will address where to get unbiased information, how to approach digital assets, things to know about penny-stocks, how to spot fraud, what to do if you're a victim of fraud, and how to find out if your financial advisor has done something shady.
Apr 3, 2022

Market Pros Still Fighting The Trend

Recent data indicates, that despite the impressive rally from the March lows, investment pros and hedge funds are selling not buying. The Viper Report’s Tom Aspray, who had been expecting the rally, discusses how this new data fits into his technical outlook for the stock market.
Mar 27, 2022

What You Need To Know About Bear Market Rallies

The bear market rally debate heated up last week in the financial press. The Viper Report’s Tom Aspray explains how bear market rallies and bull market corrections affect investor sentiment. Tom's review of the last major bear market rally should further your understanding of the markets.