Digital Bank Varo Raises $510 Million At $2.5 Billion Valuation

Varo has raised $992 million in funding to date and competes closely with other digital banks like Chime in the crowded neobank industry.

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Mar 31, 2022

Fintech On The Front Line

Instead of the cyberwars of science fiction we have the fintech wars involving cryptocurrency exchanges, payment cards and remittance systems. While these battles by themselves may not bring the war to a halt, they will certainly communicate the right messages to smartphone-wielding Muscovites.
Mar 27, 2022

Apple Moves Into Open Banking

I strongly doubt that Apple are going to use open banking data to provide financial services themselves, but their move into the field is surely a first step towards holistic view of you and your bank account will be of incredible value to their network of business partners.
Mar 27, 2022

Why Apple Acquired An ‘Open Banking’ Fintech

Why is Apple acquiring UK-based Credit Kudos? The conventional wisdom centers around possibilities like the Apple Card and buy now, pay later. There are more strategic reasons underpinning this acquisition, however.
Mar 24, 2022

VegaX’s Index-Based Crypto Platform Is Igniting Cultural Capital

Demand for crypto assets could also create a more sustainable inclusive capital ecosystem. Natasha Bansgopaul, COO of VegaX Holdings, an index driven crypto asset management platform, is successfully tapping into that as a venture-backed company disrupting the Global FinTech Blockchain market.