Green Growth 50: Learning From Companies Boosting Profits While Cutting Emissions

eBay and Aptar are among the U.S. companies that are going green while making green, combining big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions with simultaneous growth in profitability.

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Apr 4, 2022

Biden’s Wasteful SPR Release

Put yourself in the place of a U.S. oil company executive—the White House is increasing my costs and now competing directly with me by releasing oil to drive down my price to further reduce my profits....What is my upside?
Apr 4, 2022

Biden’s Efforts To Boost Mining Won’t Matter Without Permits

President Biden's recent announcement that he will invoke the Defense Production Act to subsidize the domestic mining for critical minerals that are key to the energy transition. But that money will provide little help if it is not accompanied by a speed-up in federal permitting processes.